Bed & Breakfast in Vicksburg Mississippi

On the road again burritos with my friend [Music] [Music] we are on our way to Vicksburg Mississippi hobos something earlier you’re going to dust free in the mansion yes first leg of the trip Doug Green mansion which is a bed breakfast in any war-era mansion in downtown Vicksburg Mississippi.

It’s raining finally yet, and there’s a few buggies why not oh not kick 200 pumps there’s probably 40 gas pumps five sixty it’s incredible this is this ladies and gentlemen is Bucky’s it is the most enormous truck stop ever peanut butter pretzels all of difficult there now officially in Louisiana yay best of the sign we’re going to bunch of tools, nice clean restroom yay well it’s what you come to expect in the United States in America do you see my sweet babboo I think what you might want to do there is grab some of that sauce stick it on your sandwich that’s a catfish sandwich very popular in Louisiana these are amazing buffalo boneless buffalo chicken which i have never seen a buffalo chicken and a boneless chicken just sounds like all wrong doesn’t it are you literally chicken like walking around no bones in it how does the walk home though oh I don’t know maybe it just drags maybe you just drag your almost chicken for a walk put a leash on it I did see chicken leashes at the farm store and look edible purslane is growing right out of the crack in that gutter.

Vicksburg x 6 exits we’re about to cross the mighty Mississippi here we go here’s the mrs. gene that’s huge now that every fir has a beach Ritchie Oh what is that all one that looks like that’s probably the original bridge it’s pretty crazy right there ship the other ships that’s yeah they they are gorgeous don’t they move merchandise up and down all the way up apparently that’s you will have to go see the freaking steamboat at some point while one of Mississippi here we go welcome to Mississippi mi yes sis they claim to have birthed America’s music whatever the heck that means Illinois monuments oh my gosh that is so cool I mean aside from the fact that people died over here every seconds also except for the fact that these were bad guys what do you mean these were the that was the North defending the people from the north we’re the good guys there’s Confederate Drive yeah some people don’t think the Confederates are bad yeah where we still not picking aside in the Civil War yeah none of their goddamn vision you just don’t whip it out in public you know I’m saying we clean other gangs watch this yes absolutely did you not see the difference there it’s gonna say this is the nice part of town look at that old mansion I’m tellin ya you crossed like one barrier and you’re in the nice part of town who’s that’s how this work this is called Vicksburg Mississippi oh those a rhetorical question oh I knew Mississippi is one of the poorest states in the United States that guy’s voice in this place is take a little look around here give you a little taste of America.

America some beautiful houses interrupted by some not so pretty houses let’s zoom out as work oh you too fall for the fancy people it’s funny how you can just go one Street over and all of a sudden you’re in my cousin pull a fancy part of town that’s cool okay time is it okay so this is the couch area which we have made up into a bed for them actually they made it up for him because they knew he was coming I bought the cheaper room with the pocket door and so there’s a TV here and a TV there and the bathroom okay so this is a strange way to do a bed apparently they took two old twin bed frames and put them together as a backboard is a kitchenette with coffee cabinets sink microwave and a fridge with complimentary sodas and waters and here I have travel hair and here is the shower of which I plan to make use of either before or after dinner it’s a cool corner shower unit I think it’s very nice Wow so what they just set up opposite each other and just shoot at each other is that how this works that’s just don’t work like I’ll be at this side and you be on the south side and we’ll just says Abraham Lincoln Ulysses s grant that’s incredible, that’s just amazing look at each one of these as a person it’s one of these names and there’s they’re all over the walls all the walls what does this be the last over there the last iron Hall.

Apparently we get a lot of visitors from Australia here, look at this machinery so it was the back of like a riverboat we also leading arm is deemed wrong, so we’re staying around here somewhere where we’re staying Vicksburg, like a bird on a tree I’m just sitting here I got time it’s clear to see from up here, the world seems small.

We can sit together it’s so beautiful you and me whenever we get testy with each other I know it’s time we had a meal so for dinner we went to a grocery store and they picked up my thoughts and some lunch meats and cheese we just warmed it up in the microwave in our rim and ate it kind of I figured if we just try and eat out one time per day and maybe go to a mom-and-pop place we’d feel really good about the things that we ate and be happier on our trip and we just love that restaurant today it was a little pricier I could have chosen a little better only on price but the food was excellent and it was real listen you know Mom it’s a pop joint exactly the kind of place that I want to spend time at save as soon as the reason for like choosing a bed-and-breakfast because it’s it’s so much more authentic than staying and just some generic hotel and I think it’s really cool to stay in a place of historic significance Canabalt came through the roof during the Civil War and I believe yeah at that point they turned it into a hospital for both Union and Confederate soldiers so that it was marked down on a map that they couldn’t they couldn’t want to tax and hit this house so just over the hill over there is Vicksburg Military Park.

Wherever you went today it was really amazing I mean I’ll show you videos in the monuments and stuff but huge huge 16 miles of roads around the park and we didn’t even do all of it it was just really drove for six hours today and the guys are watching what’s that one that vacation movie with Chevy Chase and Walley world they’re watching that in the rim so I came out for a little swim I had to do a little work for my brother just help him out do a little YouTube research and so I didn’t get into watching that movie but I am looking forward tomorrow tomorrow we head to the beach I’m so excited okay that was the trip that was the trip of my dreams I got to select everything for this trip and so I picked Destin Florida as their destination because we could drive there and tonight’s this night and the night on the way back at a bed-and-breakfast so that we could have a break.

You know it’s I mean a dead shot it would be like a 12 hour drive and that’s just way more than we could do I mean we would not only be exhausted we’d be killing each other in the car all of a sudden the kid woke up one day and he couldn’t stand me he was just in a terrible mood so I think 14 is starting to set in a little bit but that was a couple days ago and then today he slept a lot of the way in the car cuz we got him up at 6 o’clock in the morning to drive out here and only one alligator sighting unfortunately maybe we’ll see some alligators tomorrow in Florida so this is a nice place my estimation is that we are used to different sort of neighborhood we got we live in a kind of a fancy town I think everybody pretty looks like where I live and so there’s no for people where we are there’s no homeless you have to actually go down into the city to see homeless people and I heard comedians say that you know if you live in a small town if there’s more here than homeless people and well we have tons of beer so yeah we live in a small town so it takes a little getting used to driving around Mississippi which is the poorest of this state in the United States anyway I’ll try and give you a little taste of Mississippi on the way out tomorrow just a little video so that you can see what it’s like we’re gonna head into Alabama for about an hour and then the rest of the trip is probably gonna be mostly Florida super excited to see our condo for tomorrow I imagine it’s not the fanciest place because I didn’t break the bank on it but it should be decent come with us tomorrow hey thank you all for watching and being part of this little vacation which I really feel like we so needed as a family we took two we went camping but this vacation this is the one that I got to pick I got to pick the beach because I think and maybe some of you if you live coastal or have ever lived by the ocean that you might understand that there is salt water in my veins being away from the ocean for me is like.

I don’t know it’s like being away from a person that you just like being away from my mom but I’ve been away for so long I mean maybe it maybe not a parent I don’t know how to explain it but I think there’s salt water in my veins and my salt water my veins is like a magnet it wants to be with the bigger body of salt water it is so helpful to be in the ocean water when it’s nice South Florida’s got a really nasty scene on its hands right now with the red tide so hopefully some of this audio is audible I am kind of sitting here there conditioning in it so that and there’s a lot of cicadas and other noise out here.

But what’s crazy about this area is that you’ll have these amazing estates right next to I just dumped a complete dump next door but the disparity between the wealth and poverty here is quite sharp I think it’s shocking right here especially like this part of town right here yeah we’re not used to seeing but I didn’t feel unsafe here I didn’t feel unsafe here despite the despite the poverty I wouldn’t say I’m safe I thought it was sketchy some of the neighborhoods but you know it’s just poor that place is cold I like that one yeah I like the one on the corner up here this one though coming up on straight ahead that big giant mansion on the corner falls very round room watch how we just came out of that really rich area and there’s houses in desperate need of repair down here leave the impression I’m left of from Mississippi was wealthy white people living in mansions next door to extremely impoverished black people on our trip back through Mississippi we were sitting in a restaurant and every single patron in the restaurant was a white person there was one black waitress and every single person working in the kitchen was a black person and it was really it’s the first time I’ve really seen that where there was such a divide between the wealthy white people and the poor black people and I’m not you know placing blame on anyone here or saying there’s anything it was just an interesting thing that stood out about Mississippi from our perspective.