Why Choose To Stay In One Bed And Breakfast

For a short stay choose a bed and breakfast, a bed and breakfast is a type of structure that already from the name you can understand offers bed and breakfast service. Search for a bed and breakfast, and you will see that they can be found all over the territory, from North to South Italy, located in the city Centre or sea or mountain areas. In short, offers bed and breakfast if they are many and certainly you will find something that can fit your needs and those of your loved ones. Some bed and breakfast like La Rosa Townhouse and Caesar’s House offer stays in well-known places in the Italian territory, and it is quite common to find them among the various last-minute bed and breakfast. Many tend to think that those looking for bed and breakfast are looking for a structure to spend little giving up the elegance and comfort of the services offered by other types of facilities, but they are wrong.

Staying in a guest house bed and breakfast has many advantages in Italy.  In a very practical way, you no longer have to deal with daily life.  The beds are made, the breakfasts are included, it is possible to dine at the table of hosts in the evening, and there is no cleaning to do.

Sleeping in bed and breakfast offers you the flexibility to make a stay itinerant in Italy.

There are other reasons to put into consideration when choosing a bed and breakfast for holidays. The first would be conviviality. The welcome you reserved for you, the neat and flowery frame in season, far from the industrialized tourism.

The guest rooms are also a meeting place, friendliness, not only with your guests but also with other guests. You will find a garden, deckchairs to relax, a lounge where it is always nice to exchange a few words with your fellow travellers, not to mention the warm experience of meals at the table.

The bed and breakfast host will choose to welcome you to their guest house because they like to receive and exchange. They share with you their interior, their passions, their history, their meal; you receive as guests!

They have arranged their guest house and their guest rooms to receive you, thinking of the comfort necessary for your stay.

Staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Italy is the perfect accommodation choice when you need a relaxing getaway, whether you want to laze around. You can find bed and breakfast almost everywhere you go, and they offer much better value than hotels. From the personalized attention to fine dining, there are many reasons to choose a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel.

These are some of the reasons I considered before choosing La Rosa Town House bed and breakfast for my accommodation.

  1. Value for money

When you stay at the hotel, you usually have very little for your money. You are often given a small room. If you’re really lucky, you may be entitled to free parking or a continental breakfast that is often lacking. But most of the time, they cost extra, and you also have to pay for other amenities such as internet access or snacks.

When you stay in a Bed and Breakfast, you have a comfortable room in addition to many free services. The vast majority of bed and breakfast now offer Wi-Fi, and almost all have free parking and snacks. One of the main advantages of a B & B is the included breakfast, which is usually a delicious homemade meal. Some bed and breakfast also offer discounts on local attractions and events.

  1. Unique rooms

In a Bed and Breakfast, each room has its character. As they are individually decorated, they each have their atmosphere. If you are in a group, check out the rooms of each other: the differences between them will impress you. Some bed and breakfast make it a point of honour to offer different rooms, and some even have themed rooms. Many bed and breakfast allow you to book the room you prefer rather than choosing a certain type of room, as is the case at the hotel. Some bed and breakfast also offer unique experiences, such as sleeping in a teepee or discovering the work of the farm.

  1. Rich history

Many bed and breakfast have a very interesting or unique story; you will be surprised how many are established in restored buildings that are several hundred years old. In the southern United States, for example, many bed and breakfast were once plantations. Most bed and breakfast have a rich past and many stories; do not forget to ask the manager about the history of his bed and breakfast

  1. Personal attention

Have you ever been to a hotel where you could not be heard? This never happens when you stay at a bed and breakfast. On the contrary, the managers go out of their way to make sure that you feel welcome and comfortable, and they are available to help you when you need it bed and breakfast are almost always smaller than hotels, allowing you to receive more individual attention and assistance. Whether you need advice on activities in the area or just information about the bed and breakfast, do not hesitate to ask. The managers are great specialists in the area, and they love to show you what to see, do and eat in their city.

  1. Little extras

Bed and breakfast do everything they can to make you feel comfortable. You will find lots of extras when staying at a bed and breakfast. Some offer freshly baked cookies; others offer a glass of wine or hors-d’oeuvres in the evening. Some bed and breakfast have a free DVD library, allowing you to sit comfortably in your room with your loved one to watch a good movie. Each bed and breakfast is proud to make you feel at home.

Each Bed and Breakfast is unique. Why go to a standard hotel so that you can stay in a place with more value, more attention and rich history?